Accept What Is As An Athlete

We’re powerless over many things in our lives.

Accepting that when it’s most important can be the key to success as an athlete.

There are hundreds of things every single day we have no control over. The weather, world events, traffic, accidents and literally hundreds of other things. Trying to change them or affect control over them will just burn you out.

What’s a simple solution then to an ever changing world? Control what YOU can…which for 99% of things, is your attitude, energy and perception of all things around you. Below are three quick tips to helping keep yourself in a calm state and your mind open.

Tough training and race days can be improved through your perception and state of mind…try the three tips below and journal about your results πŸ™‚

BREATHE IN & BREATHE OUT – People often underestimate the power of breath. Take a moment wherever and whenever needed to enjoy three calming and rejuvenating breathes. This allows your mind to slow down a bit and have a positive perception of what’s happening around you.

REMOVE YOURSELF – In a tough situation? Feeling overwhelmed? Take a break – even if it’s just for 60 seconds. Walk away, step outside, get some air (see step one above) — do whatever you can to remove yourself from the immediate area. This is HUGE for a quick refocus of your energy.

REMEMBER THE EMPTINESS – A problem is most often only a problem because of your perception. Let’s use something common that’s in your life as an example – your running sneakers. You might see them as old, worn out and really “bad” because they are in need of replacement. A child from a third world country might see them as a small miracle because it means they can walk someplace without worrying about stepping on broken glass or sharp objects (if the shoes were to be donated of course). The point here is that the shoes themselves are inherently empty – neither “good” or “bad”. Your imprinted perception is what defines how YOU see the item.

Control what you can and when you can – perception creates the reality of your world.