Today’s post is another simple but effective one. BE POSITIVE and SHARE THAT POSITIVITY

99.99% of the time nothing is ‘perfect’. Race days, training days, regular days, lunch, your snacks, the car you drive, the friends you have the family you didn’t choose. That doesn’t mean it has to be constantly dwelled upon or turn everything into a negative spin.

Be positive and share that positivity with others around you. Look at things from an alternate perspective. A week ago today we had an absolutely great race day here in Colorado at the Last Call Triathlon. Was the venue ‘perfect’, nope. Did everything go according to plan, nope. Was the weather excellent, nope. Was the crowd perfect, no. Did the day end exactly on time, nada.

Things rarely go ‘perfect’, as we keep saying. Stay positive, stay motivated and keep on sharing those good vibes with others around you. It will come back to you 10 times over.