Ever wonder how some athletes can get up morning after morning and train their butts off at 4am while you can’t seem to even be bothered with setting an alarm clock to train? It’s normal…not you, don’t worry.

Many coaches and even fellow athletes will tell you “you’ve got to do this” or “to have great results you must do it this way”. If they’re talking about hard work, dedication and following a plan they are usually right.  If they are talking about having to train exactly a certain way or eat exactly a certain way or some other extremely rigid protocol they’re wrong, it’s just that simple.

We’re all different and we all have our own unique ways of training, working, eating, sleeping and finding overall balance in life. The sooner you accept that as an athlete (no matter what your race day goals may be) the better off you’ll be.

Some athletes just do better training super early in the morning. Some like to train in the morning but not before the sun comes up. Some athletes are night owls and enjoy hitting the gym after dinner or after their work day (exercising and training is a great stress reliever too ya know).

The bottom line here is DO NOT try to fit into the “mold” of what your friend may be doing, your coach says you HAVE to do or what the trend may be. Do YOU and you’ll have better training sessions and overall better race days.