What is my WHY with racing and trainging?

We all have different journey’s in life as athletes just like everyone has their own race day experience at a triathlon or run event. The question is, where is your path taking you? Is it where you want to go in the big picture?

A lot of athletes get caught up in the planning, preparation and training for race events but can sometimes forget to ask themselves, why? What’s my WHY? This isn’t to say racing, training and having a super active life isn’t great – we applaud the heck out of it here at Breakaway and really enjoy seeing athletes cross our finish line.

We do like to create unique experiences for athletes. With that being said, we challenge you to think about your next race, training session or even just tomorrow. What’s on the agenda? What does your structure look like? Are you challenging yourself too much? Not enough?

Join us for a race next season and you may just find yourself questioning things and really enjoying the process of being an athlete. Knowing your full purpose and potential can go a long way to help in your training and racing 😉