Trail Running Breakaway Athletic Events

Trail running is awesome. There, we said it! There’s a deeply profound sense of self and balance when you connect with nature while pursuing an athletic endeavor. Are you ready for this type of connection?

Here are THREE quick tips to get the most out of your trail run (whether it’s a training run or an all out race).

BALANCE BREATHE BEFOREHAND- Take 5-10 minutes before the start of your adventure, regardless of the distance or estimated length of time the race is. Practice some deep and balancing breathes that help center your mind. Slow your thoughts down and allow calmness to surround you. A big connection with nature is about to begin.

GET THE GEAR- Go out prepared. If it’s an ultra you’re running, bring the hydration backpack, gloves, layers, hat and comfy shoes. Maybe even a change of socks depending on the distance/terrain. You’ll want to focus on the run, the route and the surroundings – not whether or not you have lip balm.

KNOW THE COURSE- Whatever the route or distance, know where you’re going! Trail running can lead you deep into forests, mountains and the wilderness. Don’t risk getting lost. Bring a GPS and/or a mini map. Study the routes ahead of the time so you know the turns and direction you should be running in. This is especially important if you’re doing a longer race.

Bonus tip! Slow your pacing! Trail runs are often more challenging terrain vs a traditional road run. Plan to slow your pacing accordingly so you don’t over exert yourself and burnout too quickly.

Ready to try a trail race? Looking for a shorter distance event? Check out our Timberview Trail Run – beginner friendly on the beautiful hills of Lory State Park here in Colorado 🙂