Positive down time as an athlete.

As race season slows a bit heading into fall, your training should too! While this is a great way to be your best you as an athlete, many folks skip it. Here are THREE important info bits to help you understand why a slower training/racing season can be a good thing!

RECOVERY – Recovery for any athlete at any level is critical. Your muscles, joints, cardiovascular system and mind all need to rest, recover and reboot at one time or another. It’s impossible to remain in peak fitness at all times.

PLANNING – Time to plan your training, racing and life goals. Finding balance in the slower part of the year (no not the “off season”) can be very beneficial to your full on race seasons and heavier times during the year.

DISTANCE – Yes…take time off! Travel, eat out, relax, vacation, party — get away from organized training and/or racing. Refresh your mind and spirit a little bit and start up again feeling strong and confident. Avoid burnout!


This article is in no way intended to treat, cure or prevent illness. Always consult with your exercise or healthcare professional before changing an exercise regime.Β