Athlete Energy Alignment

Time to Power Up!

Your energy isn’t just about feeling ready for that next half marathon or duathlon race, it’s about the vibration energy you’re putting out into the world. Yes that sounds a little clunky or cliche, but it can be powerful.

Putting positive vibes out into the world and focusing on things with a positive attitude, mindset an open mind overall can really put your energy in alignment with other’s energy. This can have a huge impact on your goals, path and results.

Race mornings are filled with energy and electricity. Positivity flows while athletes of all different ages, abilities, goals and mindsets converge in the same area. You can feel it!


So, the purpose of this entry is simple – what energy are YOU putting out into the world? Is it the energy you would hope finds it’s way back to you? Be positive, be optimistic and be open minded with all of your energies and watch how things can shift and grow for you.