Our entry today is a little bit about us, our mission and our goals with each event we organize. Why? As our athletes you deserve to know some of the behind the scenes driving force for our races.

ONE – Athlete safety! We take this very seriously. With every aspect of our race events we strive to make them as safe as possible with everything that’s within our control. This means not scrimping on paramedic services, traffic control, athlete directional signs, police services and staff. These aspects are vital to athletes feeling secure on our course throughout their race journey.

TWO – Athlete support! Our sponsors and vendors deliver some great things. Not just in the way of discounts or free swag, but services and support too! Our coaching platform, rehab & pt platform and food sponsors really commit to the long haul during the year of providing athlete support. This is anything from coaching to fueling to healing up from an injury to get you back out there and racing!

THREE – Athlete experience! This one seems all encompassing but it’s really meant to shine a little light on the details. Things like zip ties, fence borders, extra safety cones, great background music and strategic aid station spots all get little recognition at times. These are a few key elements that bring together the whole picture of a great race day experience for our athletes, their friends, family and spectators.


Come race with us at our remaining events in 2019! Not quite ready?? Volunteer! We can always use volunteers at our races to help make things run smoothly and we’re of course happy to offer entry discount to those that rock the green volunteer shirts 😉

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