Calm Your Triathlon Anxiety Down RIGHT NOW

We all get nervous or anxious on race day from time to time. Sometimes it’s paralyzing, sometimes it’s just a little nail biting.

What happens if you are feeling overwhelmed for any reason about any portion of your race? Try these THREE tips to work out the anxiety bugs!

  • SLOW YOUR BREATHING – Start by finding the quietest possible spot. If you’re at the race venue this might be your car (if it’s close by) or under a tree or off to the side of transition even. Take in FIVE slow, deep and steady breaths that include a little bit of force to the exhale portion. Continue after this for 90 seconds of slow, steady and purposeful breathing
  • VISUALIZE YOUR RACE DAY – Close your eyes and picture yourself going through race day. If it’s a triathlon how will the swim go? Cap on over your ears or under? How long is the jog to transition from the swim? What’s first when you get to your bike (helmet on of course)? Where is the bike out from? How many turns are on the course? What running sneakers do I have? Go through the steps of your day. This really helps!
  • ONLY RACE YOURSELF – Everyone has their own story, journey, mission, attitude and purpose on race day. Don’t make yours about theirs. Race your own race! Have fun! Test your gear! Race super hard! Race super easy! Thank EVERY volunteer you pass. Smile at EVERY staff member you pass. The journey should be yours and yours alone.