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Challenge your thoughts! Challenge your mindset!

As winter sets in here on the front range area of Colorado, a lot of athletes start to dread training and really dislike their workout sessions. Why is that? Lack of sun? Frigid mornings and evenings (very common training times)? The paralyzing thought of a “slip and fall” injury on that ice patch in your driveway?


Honestly, yes. Everything above plays a role in why athletes can struggle to find motivation during this time of year.


One way to change things up and really push yourself and training to new levels is to challenge your thoughts and mindset about winter training.ย  Why? It will make you a stronger athlete!


The next time it snows…take a positive approach and hope it snows a LOT. Why? Go in with a big unstoppable positive attitude expecting an epic amount of snow and your ability to push through and stay focused on training will grow by leaps and bounds. This doesn’t mean your training has to stay the same though. Embrace being flexible and maybe splitting your workout to half outside and half inside. The key element here is embracing what comes your way weather or obstacle wise.


Positive attitude, thoughts and a great mindset is are tools that must be developed in the face of adversity. Practice now and those tough race day mornings will feel like an easy breeze to get through.