Fall and Cold Weather Training Tips Breakaway Athletic Events

Fall is here and winter will settle in as well in the coming months. How can you train during the cold weather if you CAN’T STAND being inside or ‘stuck’ in a gym? Here are THREE tips for cold weather training.

MONITOR YOUR EXTREMITIES- As the weather gets much cooler (and soon to be much colder), don’t neglect your extremities when training outside in the elements. Bring a neck warmer, arm warmers, leg warmers and other heat gear depending on the duration and intensity of your workout. Frozen arms, frosty necks and chilly feet can rob you of performance as blood capillaries may shrink.

CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN- If you’re running in the cold, look for a safer route or track if your usual go to is a road or heavy vehicle traffic area. Why? Vehicles have less traction in the cold (especially rain, snow, sleet and ice) and when it’s windy you may not hear them. Try talking on your phone outside in the wind – tough huh? The same can apply to NOT being able to hear a vehicle behind you.

MOTIVATE YOUR MATES- Find your friends, fire ’em up and go with a buddy. Training in the cold can challenge you in new ways and it’s always smart to stay motivated and safe with a training partner.

  This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure and physical ailments. Always consult with your medical professional before starting a new exercise plan.