Athlete Stress Relieve for a New Race PR Motivation
Seriously…stress is slowing you down, causing injuries and hindering your goals as an athlete (whatever those may be).

As athletes we rely on certain stress points to motivate us during training days or a tough race day, that comes with the territory. Life however often throws curve balls at us. Figuring out your biggest stress points in life and working to alleviate them (or remain mentally calm through them) is key to achieving greater goals in your fitness.

Here are THREE quick tips to alleviate stress to work toward your PR goal as an athlete

RECOVERY WORKOUTS – these work!! A lot of times we as athletes have ‘FOMO’ if there’s a scheduled rest or recovery day. Mentally you feel as if progress is instantly dwindling or sliding, so you train more. NOPE! Stop that! Do an EASY recovery workout. One where your heart rate or percieved level of exertion is laughably low.

EAT BETTER – Nutrition is key! Focus on clean plant based eating, minimal processed and inflamatory foods and lots of good water. Ditch the high carbs or high fats and especially the high sugars. They are hurting your body on the inside causing it more internal stress!

MEDITATE & MELLOW – Seriously. A big chunk of your stress is created by the person in the mirror. FInd a way to disconnect, reboot and recover. Zen out, drink tea, get a massage, take a day off from EVERYTHING or just chill out doing a fun mindless activity.

Hopefully these tips help with your athletic journey. Ready for more? Join us on race day and see how we create a fun and supportive race environment.
This blog article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure ANY ailment related to or from exercise, training or racing. Always consult with a health professional.