DON'T THINK...JUST DO IT! - Get your goals GOING!

Paralysis by Analysis 

Okay…let’s be clear…we’re not saying you should just wake up on Saturday morning and run a half marathon if you’ve never run one before. What we ARE saying is that you should take a little bit of time and right down your “off the hip” goals that come to mind.

Let  your brain wander and fantasize about a race you have wanted to run. A time you’ve wanted to complete a race in. A distance or pace you want to achieve. Anything!

Don’t think about the HOW or even so much the WHEN…focus on just the goal and then the first step towards that goal. BAM…that’s it. Walk away and revisit that goal the following day. Add in what you think step two might be. Then, the next day add in step three.

At the end of a week (with subsequent steps each day)…look at JUST the goal again. Now, focus on how you feel having achieved that goal. Accomplished? Empowered? Stronger? Write down these feelings along with those steps.

This simple process can be profound when trying to formulate your goals. All too often we fail to a fear based thinking of “yea, but how can I get all the way there when I’m here?”. The simple answer…one dang step at a time. Try too hard to focus on step 113 and you’ll stumble. Be present with your goals and challenge criticism of any kind. After all, YOU are your own worst critic 😉