Colorado Trail Running

Doing something new can always be scary. A new training habit, run route, lone forest path, new friends, new place you’re living in, new house – the list is endless.

What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger though, right? Of course we’re not saying you should head out and try the most death-defying activity you can find…but small changes can have a huge impact on your perspective and overall attitude towards fear.

Very often in today’s society fear is a driving factor. This is understandable to a certain point as we’re naturally hard wired to recognize fear and most often avoid it (our brains always look for the simplest path wherever possible). What’s driving all those successful people you see striving for their goals? They face and embrace their fears. Often times you won’t see or hear about them overcoming things, but it happens without a doubt.

As 2020 approaches we invite everyone that reads this article to step up to their fears or challenges and try something new. For us it’s recommending a race with us. A LOT of people are scared at the thought of a triathlon. “Oh I can’t do that, I can’t manage all three sports in one race that’s crazy”. To that we say nonsense! Unless there’s a specific medical condition that prevents you from tackling a short distance triathlon, we say go for it! Medical clearance from your healthcare provider is something you should always seek before starting any training or racing routines, but allow yourself to think about a new race or event for a few minutes.

Not so scary huh?

This article is not intended to replace or offer any medical advice what-so-ever. Always seek professional medical advice prior to starting and training platform.