Fall Motivation and Inspiration at Breakaway Athletic Events

This week’s QUICK TIP is simple, build up your strength! When we ask an athlete what they think of with strength training, 99% of the time we get the “lift weights” response. This is important, yes…but it’s not the only aspect of ‘strength training’ to focus on this fall and winter.

Here are THREE bullet points for strength training that cover a vast definition of strength training.

LIFT WEIGHTS – Yes…we agree…lifting weights and working on actual physical strength training is indeed important. It should not be neglected and it’s great to cross train this fall and winter vs solely focusing on endurance training.

FACE THE FEAR – We all have fear in life, with varying things and to varying degrees. Face those fears and strengthen yourself by pushing through them.

JOURNEY INWARD – Many of our blog post entries mention or note the inward journey as an athlete. Meditation, core thoughts, self worth and self love are critical to achieving the results you want as an athlete. Dig in this fall and really travel inward to up your mental game!


The information found in this post is NOT medical advice. Always seek professional care or guidance regarding exercise regimens or before starting something new.