Group and team training can have both positives and negatives. Is it for you?

Finding motivation to train can be tough! Cold weather, lack of energy, didn’t have a morning snack, tough work day – there are countless reasons NOT to work out or exercise for the day. Maybe you don’t have a race in mind or a specific goal but it’s certainly easier to skip it than not. Group accountability can have a huge positive impact on staying motivated and following through with your training plans. Friends keep you motivated and give you that little extra push to get a training session in. Win!

On the flip side…group training can be detrimental at times. There can be too much competitiveness on a training day that’s supposed to be easy or recovery. Sometimes you just need a mental (and physical) break from exercise and training. This can be tough at times with a group that’s “counting on you” to show up. Sometimes being talked into a race or distance goal you’re not quite ready for can also lead to injury, burnout or a lack of interest (because it feels like a chore or duty).

What’s best for you? Before committing to any training plan or group plan ask yourself what your goals are.