How Hard is a Half Marathon?

The Half Marathon (13.1 miles) is a classic run distance and a favorite among a variety of athletes. But how hard is it, really?

The answer…is it depends.

There are SO many factors that determine an athlete’s ability, perceived ability, mental fortitude, physical capacity and tolerance for training that there is no single “fits all” answer. It’s a question that only YOU can answer based on YOUR idea of difficult.

Here are THREE quick tips for opting to run a half marathon this spring…and keep in mind, our NoCo Half Marathon & 10K is sneaking up next month (May)!!

BREAK IT DOWN – A half marathon is 13.1 miles. To some, that may sound like a TON of distance. But if it’s something you want to accomplish, try breaking it down. It’s roughly FOUR 5K distances all put together. If you can string 5K’s together with a break after each, a half marathon isn’t much more than that.

UP YOUR TRAINING – Making the jump from a 10K or a 15K to a half marathon isn’t a huge feat with the right incremental increases to your weekly training distance. Jump to far to fast and you risk and injury – so we suggest longer runs slowly and sprinkled in.

IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD – Racing can be VERY mental and sometimes getting to the start line is the biggest challenge. Work on a positive mindset, a calm low pressure approach and remember to race YOUR race (no one else’s).