How Should Trail Running Shoes Fit

Trail sneakers are definitely worth looking into if you plan on getting into trail running or racing. Why?? Read on…

First, we are NOT sneaker experts. Talk with your local run shop or sneaker go-to shop. A good place will have someone on sight to help evaluate your run form and gait.

Second, try them on and out. Walk around the parking lot and find rocks to step on if you can.

Our THREE top tips for trail running shoes include..

ONE – Flexible and stable. Look for sneakers that offer support without feeling heavy OR board like (you want your feet to flex a little bit for grip).

TWO – Box it out! Make sure your toes and the front of the shoe from your mid foot on have ROOM! Your feet can get toasty on trail runs with all the rougher varying terrain. Make sure you have some room for expansion in there.

THREE – Cooling. Make sure these are NOT hiking shoes. Hiking vs running are different indeed when it comes to trails and terrain. You need some breathability for not having your feet cook.

Got new sneakers to test on the trails? Join us for the Timberview Trail Run and put them to work!