Take Care of Your Feet! Colorado Runner Trail Run

When it comes to running and foot strength, the two always go hand in hand…or maybe it’s foot in foot.

While running drills, technique and strength sets should always be worked out with a coach or fitness professional here are a few tips we’ve found helpful over the years when making sure your foot strength is in check. This can especially be important if you’re doing a trail run or trail race this season as uneven terrain can cause an injury quick!

WALK BAREFOOT – Especially outside and on grassy terrain. This allows your feet to breathe, connect with the earth and find their natural form for your movement.

MASSAGE YOUR FEET – Seriously. The human foot is amazing. Take time to massage them, release tension, help your feet relax and allow them to recharge.

WEAR THE CORRECT SOCKS – Happy feet are often cooler feet. We all have different body types, weights, goals, athletic levels – endless parameters really. Make sure you are gearing up in the right way so your feet don’t suffer on a long run or a cold run or a wet run.

ALTERNATE SHOES – This one is a ‘pro tip’. If your budget and race goals allow, alternate between different shoes during your training runs. This allows your foot to adapt and strengthen to different running dynamics.


This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any injury. Always seek advice from your medical professional.