We’ve all had hard training sessions or days with multiple workouts that leave us fatigued or tired and sore. What’s a simple remedy that can help you recover quicker and sustain fewer injuries (if any) – yup ICE BATHS!

5 Quick Tip Benefits of Ice Baths:::

-Can curb the inflammation response – An ice bath or dunking post workout (especially a tough one OR one in the hotter months) can keep inflammation limited allowing you to recover quicker

-Reduce heat and humidity effects – Prior to a long race where it might be a hotter climate you can take a quick dunk to decrease your core temps.

-Trains the Vagus nerve – This can allow you to be more adapted to deal with stressful situations via the parasympathetic nervous system.

-Helps your cental nervous system – Better sleep with less fatigue, quicker recovery and improved reaction time for explosive workouts are all potential benefits.

-Sooth the aching and/or sore muscles – This one seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Ice baths can calm, cool and rebalance tired and sore muscles you’ve been beating up with training sessions 🙂

It should be noted we are NOT medical professionals and that you should always seek medical advice from your health care provider. This post is NOT medical, health or training advice.