Run Longer Distances

In many cases the 10% rule applies to running distance increases on a weekly basis to bump up your running capacity. But what if that formula doesn’t seem to be working for you with your goals? Check out the TWO tips below to help you increase run distance.

DOUBLE RUN DAYS – Double run days are a really great way to increase your running capacity, especially without burning out and risking injury. A single long run where your energy starts to drain and fatigue sets in (risking injury) vs two shorter runs where you’re mostly fresh for each yields the same amount of distance in a day. Give it a try for the next 4-6 weeks of your training plan and see how you feel overall.

EXTEND RUNS WITH A WALK – Yes, this might sound counterintuitive. If your training plan calls for a two hour run but you can’t seem to get past the 90 minute mark without slogging along or feeling way over fatigued, walk! Start with 15 minutes of progressively faster walking, run your 90 minutes and then walk the remaining 15 minutes. Time on your feet adds up and over several weeks your body will adapt to expect longer durations. Try this for 4-6 weeks and see how much longer your long run can last afterwards.

The above advice should always be confirmed with your coach and/or medical professional.