Let It All Go - Stress - Pressure - Athlete

As athletes we tend to push for organization, efficiency and productivity – especially when it comes to workouts. Race days can even (at times) have us wound so tight, it’s as if we were a rubber-band ready to snap.

Often times being organized is a good thing. Having efficient workouts or athletic goals is a smart strategy. Being ready and prepped and triple checking things for a strong race day makes sense. We get it. We get all of this. We agree with all of this.

However…every once in a while, you absolutely HAVE to just let it all go. Toss your explicit plan out the window. Relax your schedule. Forget pacing and power output and all the numbers and factors that swirl around in your head. Breathe…and just let it all GO.


We’re not saying skip paying bills, taking care of yourself or quit your job…but loosen up for a short period of time on all the “crunch” factors putting pressure on you as an athlete (and heck as a human). Give yourself a chance to pause, relax and reset from the grind. You might be surprised at just how much this can improve your training and race day experience(s).