Winter Training and Motivation

Winter is coming up soon here in the Northern Colorado area. We need it this year!

Here are three quick tips to stay motivated through the chilly season and feel refreshed & ready to break out in the spring!

1- Practice your rest, rejuvenation & recovery. Take time to meditate, do yoga, stretch, have extended rest days or whatever else you need to ZEN OUT! Your mind and body will thank you 🙂

2- Set smaller goals for training milestones. Overtraining during winter can sometimes lead to big problems. Why? We’re all getting less sunshine and vitamin D as well as warmup times taking longer and the risk for tighter joints/ligaments. Smaller goals are more easily attained and help you feel empowered as you accomplish them!

3- Focus on being present. It’s easy to daydream about spring and summer sunny long days with endless races on the horizon or easy PR’s because it’s perfect weather. But forgetting to focus on what you’re doing NOW with training, resting, working, sleeping or eating will have you losing important mind-body connections. Focus on the now!

That’s it – go be awesome! 😉