Fall is in the air. Okay, let’s face it winter is coming up soon.

A lot of athletes plan ahead for their next race season by registering early and plotting a solid calendar 8-10 months in advance. Why you ask? Wouldn’t it just be easier and less stressful to simply train smart and tackle a race when you feel most ready? Keep reading for some of our bullet point thoughts on the topic.

  • Save Money! – Signing up early is usually the least expensive registration option. Saving a little bit on a bunch of race entries adds up over time.
  • Stay Motivated – Having a goal of race day coming up on your calendar can help keep you focused and motivated to train with a future goal.
  • B & C Race Plans – If your only focused on ONE main race and something goes wrong (bike failure – delayed flight – illness – injury etc.) now what? Instead of having your whole season feel like a bust because of one race that was your main focus, spread out your plans and have other race options ready to go.
  • Sold Out! – Ever been really excited to get something done and then at the last minute you find out it’s filled to capacity? Believe it or not race entries are limited to what the venue can support. Registering early ensures you won’t miss out!

We hope everyone stays strong through the fall and winter. See you at the starting line!