Plant Powere Athlete Food & Fuel at Our Events

Why is everything at our events plant based you ask? Well, there are dozens of reasons – but here are the top 3 we wanted to share with you.

First – just to be clear, when we say everything, we mean everything we have a say in. Aid station snacks/fuel, post race eats (snacks and drinks) and any swag bag items you may receive. We ultimately can’t control what sponsors or vendors bring to their booth setups, but they are always made aware of our stance 🙂

Since we first started in 2018 we’ve always had this in place. It’s just how we like to roll!

Reason 1- It’s cleaner and better for our athletes when there’s no mix of animal products anywhere on race day. Fueling better means you’re a better athlete

Reason 2- No one gets hurt. By no one, we mean the animals. We’ll leave this one at that.

Reason 3- It’s safer and smarter. There are fewer food safety requirements that have to be met when working without animal products OR products containing anything from animals. Why? Proper “cold” storage isn’t compromised, handling and cross contamination isn’t an issue and safe cook temperatures aren’t as stringent.

#PlantPowered 🙂 🙂