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Adversity and challenges come at us everyday all the time. Decisions have to be made and we move along our path. It sounds simple when said this way, but at times it can be so much more complex. Or…is it?

As athletes we face many challenges. Proper training, nutrition, race planning, gear planning, weather preparation…the list goes on. This is ON TOP of balancing ‘regular’ life, family, friends, work…the list goes on here as well. What can you count on as a “shining star” or “bright light” to guide you through all these things? What helps you along the way? What motivates you and keeps you strong?

Simply put…you do.ย 

Today’s entry is a simple reminder about resilience and just how strong you can be when the odds may seem to be stacked against you. The very simple act of taking something that seems overwhelmingly negative on a race day and flipping it on it’s head to turn it into a positive is HUGE.

It’s pouring rain and you have a run race about to happen? What does that mean positively as an athlete for you? Fewer folks in your age group so a podium spot is closer? The chance to warm up and relax at home afterwards and truly unwind because you just did something epic? Those high mileage shoes finally gave up in the rain and it’s time for new ones?

All of these can be seen in a positive light. The question is, are you looking for them??