Set Your Athlete Goals NOW

We all have goals for ourselves. Some of us want to tackle an ultra marathon this year. Some of us want to try a 5K trail run.  Some of us want to lose weight. Some of us want to swim fast.

Whatever your specific goal is for YOU (make sure it’s something you are after and not a friend or family member)…write it out, define it and then pull back the view on your calendar as trying to make it happen to quickly can be a recipe for disaster.

The message today is a simple one…SLOW DOWN! Goal setting and really defining what you’re after as an athlete can help you achieve those goals faster than you might realize. How? By staying focused on what’s important and tuning out the noise. Looking at the big picture to help you stay goal aligned can be critical.

If you’re just hopping off the couch and want to run a 5K, don’t go out and do it in 3 days. Build up to it bit by bit. You’ll DRASTICALLY enjoy training and racing more. Why? It’s a journey! Enjoy the journey and embrace your plan!