Training motivation alone or in a group

Training for your first race? Your 30th race? A lot of people prefer to train alone at times. Many folks also say it’s hard to stay or get motivated without a group or friend pushing you. What’s best? Best is relative…let’s make a few points for each and YOU decide what’s best for you and your goals.


  • There’s no explicit schedule or time frame you need to adhere to other than your own. No meet up times or places, other people’s schedules to consider or feeling like you’re running “late” to meet up and train.
  • Your effort level – Your rules – Your workout. When you’re alone, you call the shots. There’s no one saying “go harder” – “go longer” and “don’t quit”. If stopping for the day or session feels right, you can. If that extra pushup isn’t right, skip it. Done!
  • No chatter except in your head. We all love to chat from time to time and catch up on what’s happening in eachothers lives. However, this can sometimes be detrimental as it can break your mental focus on the next set or target in training.


  • This can often times be easier to stay on track and stick to a schedule. It’s harder to “skip” a workout when a friend is reminding you or a group looks forward to seeing you every day or week.
  • Sometimes we push ourselves past what we think we’re capable of in a group setting. While doing everything within the safety of our own body is always advised, that extra pushup or striving to shave 5 seconds off that last mile can sometimes feel easier in a group.
  • Motivation! Asking your training group for motivation is the best way to stay on track. They are there to help support you and motivate you. If not? Ditch ’em and find a new group. You’ll be there for one of them if they are feeling down or struggling to get moving one day – count on them to do the same for you!

Hopefully each of these bullet points helps you find your path to the right training setting and plans for yourself. Get out there and get after it! We’ll see you on race day!


The advice here is specifically a recommendation only. It is not intended to replace professional advice or professional coaching.