Be Kind

Every athlete on race day 99.99% of the time has the ability to do this within them. It’s free, never costs a thing and is always well received or perceived.

No it’s not a positive mental attitude (although that helps).

No it’s not a perfect nutrition plan.

No it’s not a supportive group of friends cheering them on.

It’s the ability to BE KIND.

On race day we all show up, turn on our happy faces and get out there to enjoy racing at whatever level works best for us individually. If you’re passing someone slower, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be inclined to give them a little positive boost. “Hey good job” or “way to go”. Sounds silly, cliché or cheesy – maybe – but it works.

The simple act of being kind is more critical in all of our lives now than ever. This year has been a train wreck on so many levels and for so many reasons. Take the extra single second every day to be kind to any living being you connect with. Not leaving the house and you don’t have any pets – no problem – BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

Sounds simple enough…now get out there and do it!