Spring Racing Anticipation & Weather

The weather this season in Northern Colorado looks to be unpredictable. This isn’t anything new, but this spring snow may be possible for longer based on all we’ve seen. How does this affect race day? How does this affect your training?

RACE DAYS are often unaffected by weather unless it’s absolutely torrential rain, extreme snow or lightning (and all of these really have to be at a sustained high level making course conditions unsafe). Events are usually not weather dependent. Plan accordingly with your gear!

TRAINING DAYS can of course be modified pending weather…but should you? Ultimately that’s a question you have to answer.  From our perspective training days in which you adapt (gear, plan, distance, intensity…etc). can sometimes give you the best results for being prepared.


ADAPT – adapt to the weather changes that you’re presented with. You can’t control them. Control what you can (your emotions, your attitude, your gear and your positive outlook)

PREPARE – the best way to be ready for a race day that might not have ideal weather is to train in it. Are you freezing cold on the bike if it’s raining? Test out different heat gear so you can have it with you on race day if it looks like a storm might be in the mix. Racing when it’s hot? Work on heat acclimation by wearing extra layers or testing your training on peak temperature days.

RECOVER & REVIEW – journal about your training and racing experiences. Seriously! It might sound silly or cliché, but it’s important to note what works, what doesn’t AND how you felt about it.