What the heck is a T2 run you might be asking?? Read on to find out…

Put simply, a T2 run is a Transition 2 run OR a run immediately after the bike during a triathlon.

Here’s a quick order rundown of race day athlete flow:

T1 (1st transition from swim to bike)
T2 (2nd transition from bike to run)

So, why is a T2 training run so important? It helps to teach your body about running (strong and stabile) immediately off the bike portion of a triathlon. Coming off a long bike ride or nearly any ride can have your legs feeling heavy and weighted down. Practicing a short run immediately after a ride during your training and race build up can get things turning over and feeling fresher quicker.

Give it a try for 30 days during your next training schedule and race season build up. Have your run gear set up right next to your bike trainer OR wherever you’ll drop your bike. Practice as if it’s race day and you don’t take an extended break at all. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of running off the bike, it REALLY helps.

It should be noted we are NOT medical professionals and that you should always seek medical advice from your health care provider. This post is NOT medical, health or explicit training advice.