Three Tips to Improve as an Athlete

A variety of athletes want to improve, sometimes rapidly. Here are three tips to help you improve and become a better athlete, quick.

TRY SOMETHING NEW – Always running on the road? Change it up! Trail run, hit the dirt, run barefoot on grass – mixing things up can help you adapt and improve strength.

TWO A DAYS – Wanna increase mileage on your run but the thought of a LONG run just doesn’t work? Split it up! Run 40-50% of your distance in the morning and the rest in the afternoon or evening. This can often speed up adaptation and help improve your performance.

MAKE MISTAKES – Seriously. Go out and race “too hard” or “too easy”. Try nutrition that might not work. Try gear that might not work. Try something new that MIGHT work. Knowing a limitation or a weak spot can help you focus on what does work for a great race day 🙂

Always consult with your healthcare professional before trying or starting a new exercise, training or racing plan.