The Time to Rise Above is NOW as an Athlete

Let’s face it, winter as an athlete can be TOUGH.

Cold grey weather can feel really unmotivating a lot of the time. The days are short, the sun seems way to far away and the ‘spark’ to train sometimes just isn’t there.

What can you do to stay motivated? What’s a go-to process that can help every day? Have a ready below at some tips and tricks…

JOURNEY TO LEARN – Winter motivation as an athlete can be found in the journey to learn about yourself. About your ‘why’. About your goals, hopes, desires and large scale wants with training and racing. This recurring theme in our posts pops up a bunch for a reason…it’s important! Daydream about goals…big, small, wild, mild…it doesn’t matter – write them down and look at them each week!

TRY SOMETHING NEW – Ever wonder if sprints can improve your endurance? What about trying a 100% plant based diet for 30 days? Itching to check out a new swim technique? NOW is the time! The race season is slower and it’s likely your ‘A-priority’ races are months away. Experiment with new things now, work out the kinks and be ready for the next season. It’s better to learn now vs 5 days before a race ๐Ÿ˜‰

DO SOMETHING HARD, AGAIN – What’s a BIG goal you have as an athlete in your training? A brick day meeting certain times? Running 100 hill repeats? Swimming 5000 meters? Whatever your big goal is…work up to it…and then do it again. A tried and true breakthrough technique is doing the thing you think is super super tough, twice. If running 10 miles in one day is a real challenge for you…build up to that 10 miles in one session. Then turn around and do another 10 miles.

The information found in this post is NOT medical advice. Always seek professional care or guidance regarding exercise regimens or before starting something new.ย