Train your mind

The weather can have a BIG impact on your day to day life. Ability to work outside, train outside and just BE outside can all be thrown off a schedule if torrential rains roll through your area. Or, if snow comes in for two days in the middle of a warm streak. It can be an absolute challenge if you’re used to colder weather and we suddenly get a warm streak with hot muggy days.

Here are THREE tips to adapt to climate changes AND to help you be ready for whatever might pop up on a race day.

  • Train in a variety of weather whenever possible. We know the weather can’t be controlled, but you can control how you adapt to it. Train on hotter days during the hottest part of the day for heat acclimatization. Need a break and wanna get some cooler time in? Wait for a good rainy day and train then OR in the wee hours of the morning or late night when things cool off
  • Practice ICE baths or COLD showers after a hot workout session. OR, try cooling yourself down before a workout to see what a cold race morning might feel like if a frigid swim is involved
  • Expand your mindset. This is the biggest factor that MANY athletes suffer with. A perfect race day doesn’t exist, for anyone, ever. There is always some detail (no matter how small) that will throw something off. Weather can often be seen as a factor for a lot of folks. What if you are one of the few athletes that embraces a rainy triathlon? Or a super muddy trail run? Or a scorching hot half marathon? Be more prepared to accept whatever rolls your way and you’ll have a great race almost every time!

The above tips are NOT intended to be medical or health advice. Always consult with your health care professional before attempting a new training regime or technique.