Strength and endurance often mesh together and compliment the other for athletes. Depending on your fitness and race goals as an endurance athlete, strength is often overlooked. Some find it too challenging, some find it boring, some think it’s not required.

These THREE quick exercise tips for strength are easy to do nearly anywhere and can help keep you on track no matter what your endurance goals are.

ONE – Pushups! Yup. Simple, floor bound pushups can be done nearly anywhere and are a great compound exercise for upper body strength, stability and balance.

TWO – Wide Leg Squats. These help strengthen your quads, gluts, feet, calf muscles and core. These can also be done anywhere with body weight or added weight resistance. A good wide stance with feet slightly turned outward with a glut squeeze on the top of the exercise is a win.

THREE – Walking Lunges. These can be done down a long hallway or outside and are great to stability, core strength, glut power and overall balance. Add in weights for a challenge OR raise your arms directly above you to activate more trunk muscles.