Stay Safe Solo Trail Running

Let’s face it, being alone and running in nature is awesome. The silence, the surroundings and the sense of presence is unlike anything else. Running alone comes with it’s risks though. Here are THREE quick tips to help keep your safety in check.

1- Make sure you run without music or earphones. We know that 80’s motivation song can keep you going, but ditch it! Being able to hear your surroundings, other potential people around you or wildlife that may be following you is really important.

2- Make sure you have hydration & fuel. If your runs are particularly long be prepared with water, snacks, fuel or whatever else you might need should you take a wrong turn and 8 miles turns into 18.

3- Leave a map, info sheet or notepad with where you’re headed in your vehicle or on your desk at home. Make sure it indicates your overall route and any possible turn off points that could be incorrect.

BONUS TIP – Have a GPS transponder app on your smartphone and bring it! Even without data or specific connections, you may still be able to get remote signal bursts out should the worst happen in the wilderness.

The information found here is in NO WAY meant to be life saving or considered legal advice. These are merely recommendations from experience and through research on specific topics.