The race season has slowed a bit. Time to do some mental training! Here are THREE quick tips to stay inspired and mentally strong!

FIND YOUR OWN PATH- We’ve mentioned this a LOT in past posts, but it’s important. Find your own path as an athlete, whatever that may be. If you are striving for an elite card – great! If you are a casual race person – great! If you just wanna run and not do anything else – great! Figure out what you enjoy and go after it!

TAKE TIME TO REFLECT- What was your past year like as an athlete? Intense? In the planning stages? Moving forward? Taking it easy? Look back on what worked and what didn’t and make some decisions on how you’d like next year to be different if at all.

RECHARGE – We mention this as well in a bunch of past posts, it’s important. Take time to recover and recharge, especially mentally. Being an athlete is a LOT more than just sessions, races and staying fit.