Today's Setback Shouldn't Determine Tomorrow's Success

Today’s entry is simple, don’t let your tough day, session or setback determine TOMORROW’S success!

We all have challenging days, training sessions, races, issues or life things that happen. It’s inevitable. How we handle those challenges is what determines our future success and momentum. Below are THREE quick tips to help you acknowledge, accept and swiftly move on from being dealt a tough hand.

ACCEPT IT – Denial, procrastination, reasoning, bargaining, blaming, deflecting…the list goes ON and ON as to why something happened TO you. This is a victim mentality and you need to knock it off. Most day to day circumstances are out of our control. The quicker you realize this, the quicker you can overcome negative thoughts and subsequent actions to get back on track.

COMPARTMENTALIZE – After you’ve accepted and challenging setback, make peace with it. Ruminating and brooding over it for extreme amounts of time don’t serve you, at all. It sucks. We get it. Sometimes you didn’t hit your goal, your pace was off, you bonked on nutrition or maybe it just wasn’t working. The sooner you put it in a box and realize it was one miss step of a day or session or race…the quicker you can move on!

REFOCUS – Your future training sessions, race days or anything related to being an athlete you THINK is holing you back…is. The thing itself isn’t holding you back, you and your thoughts are. Let that sink in… If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Reread your goals, remind yourself of why you’re on this journey and start fresh the next day. Let go of the prior day’s miss-step and get back to kicking butt!