5 Things to Have a GREAT Race Day Experience at Your Triathlon

Wanna have a great race day?? Read on! …

Most race preparation happens on your training days. Long runs, hill climbs on the bike and endless meters in the pool. These all add up and contribute to your peak physical performance on race day. What about the other details though? Subtle things like dark tinted swim goggles or sunblock can really ruin your race day. Below we have the top five things you NEED to have for a smooth race day that creates a good experience you’ll remember!

  • Photo ID / Cash / Phone – Sounds simple right? Who leaves the house without their ID and phone these days? Very few. Race day is different though, especially if you’re travelling. There are 100 other things to remember (like your bike, helmet, sneakers – etc.) – don’t forget the basics.
  • Organize Your Gear – Have a list and check it twice. There are dozens of little items to remember on race day and having them well organized the week leading up to race day helps calm the nerves.
  • Race Your Race – We say this a lot in our blog posts, but it’s always true. Your friends, family, co-workers or just-met-athletes are all racing their race – you should too.
  • Plan On Having Issues – Mentally prepare yourself that something will go wrong. We’re not “forecasting failure” here or being pessimistic, we’re simply saying that things happen sometimes. The more prepaid you are to accept this fact, the better off you’ll be when it actually does.
  • Check The Ego – You might be the fastest runner in your weekly run group, the strongest swimmer at your masters class or king of the mountain on your bike. Awesome and good for you! Leave the ego in your car or better yet at your house. Race day for us (as organizers and creators) and for the athletes we have at our events want a supportive & accepting environment on race day – not a judgement filled conversation pit. Please be kind to other athletes. This will help them AND you enjoy your race day with positive vibes.

Hopefully the 5 points above help you on your next adventure. We’ll see you there πŸ™‚