Dirty Duo Off Road Duathlon Breakaway Athletic Events Lory State Park Colorado

Have you ever thought about racing off road? Are you wondering what it might be like OR why it’s definitely worth trying? Take a quick read on three elements we believe to be deciding factors when considering an off road race.

ONE )- The scenery! 100% of off road races are exactly that – OFF ROAD! Begin surrounded by nature or at the very least a more natural setting (vs pavement and road signs) gives you a fresh perspective on training, racing and connecting with the earth around you. It’s invigorating.

TWO )- The disconnect! Off road training and racing gets you away from the grind of pavement, noise, pollution, congestion and sometimes people all together. Ever have that feeling sometimes like your smart phone or device is an extension of your arm? Can’t seem to put it down? Racing off road has a similar effect to switching off your device or unplugging. You’re able to explore new paths and routes without feeling a lot of pressure to hit a certain pace or speed. The terrain can be unpredictable which allows you to just race and challenge how you feel vs a number on your wrist.

THREE )- The challenge! Saying a race that’s off road is always more difficult or challenging wouldn’t be accurate. Most often though, it can be. Running an 8 minute mile on a predictable mostly flat surface is usually easier than holding that same pace over a bed of rocks, across a tall grass field, up a steep hill or yes, even down a sheer mountain side. Inconsistent terrain and surroundings add to the adventure and challenge of an off road race. These aspects often leave athletes with a huge sense of accomplishment and self-worth when they cross the finish line – something we all need more of these days!

Looking for a fun and challenging race?? Our Dirty Duo Off Road Duathlon is sneaking up in July in Lory State Park. Join us for a grass roots race you won’t soon forget.