Training in Silence for Mental Fortitude

Okay we get it, this might sound nuts, but it works. Training in silence isn’t something every athlete thinks about. In fact, many of us look for a distraction while running, cycling (on a training) or even swimming.

We get it. Long seemingly endless sessions can get boring or monotonous at times. We encourage every athlete to do what’s best for them on long training days (you know, those 5 hour indoor trainer rides). But on certain shorter sessions or maybe a focused speed workout, have you tried training with total silence? Just your thoughts and empty mind?

As triathletes we know music and earphones are NOT allowed during any portion of the race. Focusing on silence and training without music helps to prepare us for this.

Another great aspect of training without a distraction or music is that you can really build mental fortitude AND help get your mind in sync with your body, breathing and heart. Sounds silly or cliché but it really works. Running at a steady pace can help you focus on a breathe pattern that feels really comfortable. Cycling with a specific cadence can help you tune in to what your legs feel like through each rotation.

Try training in silence for the next two weeks and see where it leads you. You might be surprised 😉