New Exercise and Training Routines

Having a variety of training mixed into your workouts can be really important to growing as an athlete. The same routes, routines, weights, patterns and habits as an athlete can be great at times – but mixing it up with variation will really help you improve, stay fit AND can help to stay injury free.

Try these FOUR things to mix up your routines!

NEW ROUTES – Seriously. Sometimes the variation you need is a new route. Break the habit and enjoy new scenery along with new challenges.

DIFFERENT GEAR – Swap shoes, sunglasses, shorts, hat or just about anything for variation! Running in a few different pairs of shoes each week or month helps to strengthen different parts of your feet, legs and lower muscle groups.

GROUP WORKOUTS – This is a great way to challenge yourself and worry less about the act of exercising or training and focus on the social aspect.

NEW TIMES – Start super early – sneak in an extra LATE workout – mid day mashups! Change the time of day – you might be surprised at your energy levels for a mid day workout vs first thing in the morning

The above is for reference only. It is NOT medical advice. Please seek professional advice before starting any exercise programs.