Fall is in the air here in Colorado. Crisp morning air, falling leaves, craft beer is in it’s Oktoberfest form!

What’s this mean for your training though? Rack the bike, hang up the wetsuit and stick to just running on the treadmill? Heck no! Now is the time to shake up your routine a little bit. Take a peek at our quick tips below to have a great fall season of training and group activity 🙂

  • Try a trail run! Running is a simple way to maintain fitness. Mixing it up on the trail will stimulate your mind and energy levels.
  • Join a group fitness class. Some of our sponsors create awesome fall and winter programs to keep you motivated all year long. Cycling classes, running groups, swim sessions – join one and push yourself a little bit!
  • Reevaluate your gear. The same old gear time in and time out can sometimes get boring or feel tedious. Shake it up a bit by having a tune-up done on your bike, adding a new water bottle holder, trying different running shoes or maybe experimenting with a new swim paddle or fin.
  • Plan out your 2020 calendar! Race season may seem far away as we just start to enter fall, but staying motivated may be easier if you have a bunch of fun events booked in early.

We hope everyone is ready to embrace fall here in Colorado. We’ll be making race announcements soon for our 2020 season. Hope to see you all there 🙂