Dirt or Paved Running - What is better?

What’s better? A dirt run course or a paved run course? Well, that depends on a number of factors. Here are a few info bits to help you choose the next time you’re choosing a course to race on OR train on.


  • More forgiving on your feet/legs
  • Often less rhythmic
  • More diverse & scenic
  • Can offer different challenges
  • Fun because you can sometimes get dirty 🙂


  • Easier to not get lost on
  • More rhythmic for steady pacing
  • Better traveled so you’re not “entirely alone” running
  • Better footing with less chance of ankle injuries
  • Less dirt / dust

This isn’t by any means an all encompassing list. It does however provide a few info bits on what each course may have to offer you. What do you think? Any favorite type of running you do? Let us know on social media or by following along with our conversation posts.