With our April 18th NOCO HALF MARATHON & 10K coming up soon…we wanted to post up a little bit of info regarding training. There are hundreds if not thousands of training plans on the internet. Some are advanced, some for beginners, some with intricate details and time structures and some that focus heavily on pacing or intervals and types of workouts. It’s enough to make your head spin and feel overwhelmed.

So what’s best??

Well, the answer is simple really. The plan that fits with YOUR goals, YOUR schedule and YOUR comfort level is always best. Does that mean it can’t be a grueling plan to push you onto the podium on race day? Of course not…and that’s perfectly fine if it’s your goal!

A lot of friends, athletes, coworkers, extended family, neighbors or random folks at the supermarket might try to toss their opinions at you. We get it, it happens a LOT surrounding events like this. But what’s best for you? What are your honest goals on race day? To win? To have fun? To run a target pace? YOU and only YOU need to decide this. Then, search for a training plan that best fits. If you need additional help consider hiring a coach for some guidance into what’s most ideal with what you want.

As always, TRAIN, RACE & LIVE at your own pace – no one else’s!