Colorado Races Positive Mindset

Will 2021 be the first year you do a race in?? Maybe it will be your first half marathon or first triathlon. Only you know this.

However…we can guarantee we know the absolute BEST thing to bring to your first race day. It applies to ANY race of ANY distance that takes place ANYWHERE on the planet. No it’s not a fancy piece of gear. It’s not a shiny pair of shoes or a new ultra thermo managing water bottle. It’s not an amazing energy bar or pair of sunglasses.

It’s a positive attitude coupled with a positive outlook on race day.

The weather WILL NOT be ideal. Your gear WILL NOT be ideal. The course WILL NOT be ‘perfect’ (however you define that). The other athletes WILL NOT all make you smile. There are dozens of other things that may not line up perfectly. Expect that!

As long as you bring a positive outlook and attitude, you’ll have a GREAT race day. That’s it! One simple thing to bring and we can say from years of experience that your race day will be drastically better than if you show up cranky or in an off-put mood.