Failure is Freeing

Things happen in life. Situations, decisions, choices, mistakes and accidents can throw you off course or sometimes derail the entire plan.

So what are you left with? What’s your next move?

For us, failure can be freeing. Learning from mistakes or errors or just what went wrong can sometimes be the best way to more forward and in a much more fierce fashion.

Here are THREE quick tips we find helpful when things don’t go the way we wanted or expected with a race or event.

ACCEPT WHAT IS – Acceptance of a failure or issue is the absolute first step and the most critical. You can’t move one inch forward if you don’t accept what is irrefutable and right in front of you.

LEARN FROM WHAT WAS – Seriously, take a step back and learn where the error was made. Figure out what the root cause of the issue was and sort out how to NOT let it happen again.

LET IT GO – Chasing something new to “make up” for a loss or failure or mistake is a sure fire way to trip yourself up in life and in racing. Set out a clear new path and take hold of it. Let got of the past mistakes and nonsense and move forward freely.