YOU Are The Storm as an Athlete

We all face challenges day in and day out. Life challenges, work challenges, training challenges, family challenges, food challenges…the list goes on and on.

As metaphorical storms come into your life, remember to focus on the fact that YOU yourself are a storm of sorts. You have strength, power, fury, chaos and a vast variety of other components that make you unique and empowered.

Here are THREE quick tips to stay present and focused on ‘being the storm’…

STORMS PASS ON – Storms no matter their strength or duration, pass. Focus on this positive fact.

KEEP GOING – When you’re going through a tough spot or something very challenging, keep going! Don’t stop in the middle of it!

RESTART & REBOOT – As powerful or strong as a storm may be, there is always the chance to have a fresh start and reboot your path!