First Timer Race - Now What?

Our 2022 NoCo Half Marathon & 10K was a blast this past weekend! Great weather, miles of smiles and a fun time had by all.

Many first timers came to our race, had a great morning and they might be asking themselves, now what?? Many first timers experience this after an initial adrenaline packed race day. Well, you’re not alone and we’ll give you some tips and pointers with what we’ve learned over the years

TAKE A BREATH – Seriously. Your race day JUST happened a few days ago. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, let it soak in and pat yourself on the back.

STAY IN YOUR LANE – Whether you tackled a short or medium distance race as your first event…don’t rush out and sign up for something that’s twice as long…or four times as long….or even bigger. Scale into racing one step at a time. Maybe make your next race the exact same distance but aim for a quicker time

REST & RECOVER – Mentally AND physically.  Make sure any aches and pains are handled. Give your brain a rest from regimented training. Relax your nutrition for a few days. In general, chill out!

SWAP STORIES & MAKE FRIENDS – Ran with a new friend? Met someone on the race course? Reach out to them and keep in touch. Motivate each other and share memories to plan out the next adventure!