Your First Great Trail Run

Trail running can be awesome. But what’s your ideal trail run or trail race? How are you defining “ideal”?

For first timers, we always suggest a shorter distance event. Something that challenges you but doesn’t scare you out of your mind OR give you such anxiety about not having put in enough hours or distance or hills that you freeze up and can’t race.

Here are THREE quick tips on choosing a first trail run race.

  • Distance Considerations- The longer the race the more challenging the event tends to be. Start small and gradually build into longer races
  • Elevation & Hills- Trail running can take place just about anywhere in the world. Here in Colorado we generally see trail races at all elevations, all the way up to 12,000ft. Make sure you are prepared to race at elevation if you don’t live here
  • Relaxed & Laid Back Atmosphere- If there’s a buzz about your race event and it seems as if all the super elites are racing it and ultra fast pacers and 145 finish-time marathoners, take a step back and see if the event is really something you want to take part in as a first race. Feeling ‘left behind’ can suck on race day. Feeling ‘inadequate’ can suck on race day.

Our Timberview Trail Run in July in Lory State Park, Colorado is an absolutely great beginner friendly trail run. Come check it out!